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Results from the Online Hearing Test. Is your hearing better or worse than average?

A random sample of 350 results posted in the hearing test comments has been used to compile an age vs frequency graph. It shows the highest frequency at which people of a certain age can hear up to. Hover over points on the graph to see the specific data used.

Graph 1 shows the entire data set in its raw form. As you can see, at any given age, there is a large spread in the frequency at which people of that age can hear to. This is either the result of differences in the sensitivity of people's ears, or due to differences in the equipment used to perform the test. For example, performing the test on good quality hifi speakers is likely to enable the user to hear up to a higher frequency than they would if they were using low quality laptop speakers. As expected, there is a clear trend showing that as you get older, you use the ability to hear high frequencies. This graph also shows that the test has been completed by more younger people than older people.

Graph 2 shows the data when all the measurements for a particular age are averaged. For the older ages, the averages were taken over several years because there were fewer measurements for these users. The final scatter graph falls approximately on a straight line. Therefore, to calculate the expected highest frequency for your particular age, simply multiply your age by 166 and subtract this from 20925. In general, we expect many people will be able to hear above the average frequency for their age, but also many people will not be able to hear up it. This is a manifestation of the variations seen in Graph 1.

Please note: This is a not scientifically rigorous test and has been created to simply highlight the variations in human hearing in a fun and accessible way. If you are concerned by your results, we recommend you contact a qualified and professional audiologist who will be able to test your hearing in a controlled environment.

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