Online Tone Generator

Free online voice recorder.

Use this free online tool to record audio using the microphone from your computer, phone or tablet. Think of it as a virtual dictaphone.

The tool will display the waveform of the audio once you've stopped recording, and you can then download the file to your device.

The file you download will be in .webm format, which can be played back by many audio programs/web browsers.

Fun things to do with the Online Voice Recorder

Create Voice Memos
If you remember you need to do a certain task - use the tool to record a quick recording of yourself explaining what you need to do. Download the file to your device and listen back to it later

As Songwriting/composition aid
If you are a musician and you have a sudden burst of creativity or inspiration, recording your idea by humming, whistling or playing on a guitar/piano is a great way to capture the tune, before you forget how it sounds.

Recording sounds from the environment around you

If you go to a big city, you'll hear lots of memorable sounds. The sounds of the metro or underground networks, for example. Use the tool to capture these sounds. On the other side of the spectrum, if you are in the countryside, you are likely to hear many sounds from nature, like birdsong, or other animal/insect noises. This tool can record all these unique sounds.