Online Tone Generator

Free online frequency sweep generator.

This frequency sweep tool allows you to enter any two frequencies and a duration into the three boxes below. Once the play button is pressed, the frequency sweeper will then play a tone that begins at the first frequency and sweeps to the second frequency in the duration provided.

The sweep generator tool also enables you to set some more advanced options. You can choose the waveform to be either: sine, square, sawtooth or triangle. There is also an option to determine whether the sweep is done linearly (equal frequency changes over equal time intervals), or exponentially (higher frequencies are swept over more quickly). If you wish the tone to continue playing after the sweep is complete, leave the "continue playing tone" option checked, otherwise click it to turn this feature off. Finally, the sweep generator allows you to set an start volume and end volume. These are numbers between 1 and 100, with 1 being the quietest and 100 being the loudest. (If you do not require this functionality, you can simply leave these boxes at their default setting, which will produce an equal volume sweep.)

Please be very careful using this tool as listening to loud frequencies can cause damage to hearing or equipment. Please only listen at a comfortable volume. Please note, as this is very new technology, the frequency sweep generator is currently only compatible with the latest version of Chrome or Safari and Firefox. Internet Explorer is not currently supported.

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Current Frequency: 1Hz
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Current Volume: 40%